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5 Stars


“Corey is clearly loving nursery and all the fun activities and this is increasing his confidence at home”


5 Stars


“We are really pleased with Lukes progress at Puffins. We have noticed a lot of progress in his social skills, his recognitition of letters and sounds and his numeracy”


5 Stars


“Since joining the nursery, Lilly has learnt many new skills that she shows us at home”


5 Stars


I have noticed Reggies communication has improved a huge amount.  He is trying a variety of foods since being at Puffins and I am able to leave him with no tears”


5 Stars


“We value the emphasis on good manners at Puffins and notice the regular use of “Please may I…”



A Letter from Parent to Puffins

Hi Caz,

I wanted to say what a fantastic job you and your staff did on Saturday.  Not only did you put on a great play (which was extremely cute), but you also organised a fun filled party which Laila and her cousin loved.

I doubt that any other nurseries could pull that off and I wanted to let you know I thought it was fantastic.


Many Thanks.